The Colorado Kid

A native of Boulder, Colorado, Brycen spent the majority of his childhood exploring the mountains, playing lacrosse, and riding motorcycles.  He was by all means, your typical Colorado kid.  He carried these passions into adulthood and was able to turn them into careers, coaching high school lacrosse and working in the motorcycle industry.

Becoming DJ Breezy

Fueled by a desire for new experiences, Brycen moved to Arizona in the spring of 2018.  He began attending ASU with the dream of working on aerodynamics in Formula 1 racing.  It was during this time that the opportunity to DJ arose (through a questionable internet ad of all places) and Brycen was hooked.  With a newfound passion and his airy and positive attitude, DJ Breezy was born.

My Love Story Is Being A Part Of Yours

Hi, I’m DJ Breezy.  I was exposed to weddings early on in my career and they make it feel complete.  The journey of a
wedding – from getting to know my couples to the intimacy of the ceremonies to the energy of the dance floors – is something I’ve come to love.  It drives and inspires me every day.  It’s this journey that made me realize:
My love story is being a part of yours.

"One day you'll leave this life behind, so live a life you will remember." 
- Avicii